How Effective Are Nootropics and “Smart” Drugs?

Imagine if every morning before you go to work, you take a tablet that, in addition to getting you more focused and fast, improves memory and boosts creativity and productivity. If you think this is a miracle, you are mistaken, the name is nootropic supplements.That’s what more and more people are doing in places like Silicon Valley – a region of northern California, in the United States, considered the technology capital of the world – where so-called smart drugs have become popular in recent years.

The nootropic supplements – whose name comes from the ancient Greek language – are supposed to be able to help improve mental performance without producing negative side effects. Despite the skepticism of the scientific community as to its efficacy, these “smart drugs” are increasingly used in competitive work environments in which the intellect is far more important than any other skill.

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Under the umbrella of the nootropics are, for example, chemical compounds from the family of racetams (such as piracetam and pramiracetam) and substances such as vitamins and amino acids found in foods and plants that can be purchased at supplement stores and natural products. Some are prescription drugs for the treatment of elderly people who have changes in their cognitive mechanisms and who suffer from illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer‘s. Its advocates ensure that these substances help, for example, improve memory, learning ability and concentration.

Medications like Adderall, prescribed to treat disorders such as hyperactivity and narcolepsy, are also used by students who want to improve cognitive performance despite the risk of side effects such as arrhythmia and anxiety. It is important to understand the risks and pros before you buy nootropics.


In the 1970s, the Romanian researcher Corneliu E. Giurgea defined as nootropic substances that, despite potentiating cognitive abilities, are not toxic, addictive or cause significant side effects. There is no consensus on how many of these substances work, although those using them believe they improve brain metabolism. Increased use of nootropics has led to a boom in companies that sell pills with several of these substances, among them some popular such as caffeine and omega 3.

Although there is no official data, its use has grown in recent years in countries such as the United States. On the internet, blogs and discussion forums proliferate that debate which nootropics to consume, and in what quantity.

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With the increase in demand, there was a boom in companies that sell pills with various substances considered nootropic, such as caffeine and omega 3. Among these companies are Nootroo and Nootrobox, Silicon Valley startups that ensure that among their investors are important names in the technology industry. They state that the effects of nootropics depend on the amount consumed and the metabolism of the user, and that no studies have determined the long-term effects. Before taking any nootropic supplements make sure you talk to your doctors and read carefully what the substances offer.

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